Man Ray Sky are a group of humans who came together in 2007 to make sound. More specifically they are a band who use a basis in improvisation and noise to create melodic songs. They use the standard drums, bass, guitar, vocals set-up to make their music but also try to disassemble and dissect the traditional notions of creating music as a live band. Man Ray Sky also like to employ elements of electronic music into their sound. They enjoy scratching their heads when trying to overcome the challenges of fusing electronics to a live band, especially when technology and equipment can be a harsh mistress.
The band came together in Brighton as the backing band for Mark Nathan Benton but decided, in the time honoured fashion of most bloodless political coups, that benevolent dictatorships are inherently evil and so decided to become a completely collaborative ensemble.
Initial gigs were built around improvisation and the manipulation of sonics, feedback and noise but the band soon decided that it would be more of a challenge to actually compose songs, perhaps with using elements of improvisation as the basis for fully written ideas.

We’re not really up for bragging usually.  Having said that, here are some choice nuggets from our past achievements:

  • winner, 2015 Library Music Awards – Best Composition (Wildcard category)
  • “Luma” music video – official selection for Bang! Short Film Festival 2013 / BBC Music Video Festival 2013 / London short Film Festival 2014 / Atlanta Film Festival (USA) 2014
  • played with bands as diverse as Deerhoof (USA), Heyerdahl (Norway) and The Besnard Lakes (Canada)
  • collaborated with artists MetaLuna to create the FORTUNE OBSCURA performance and installation during the White Night UK festival 2009: https://vimeo.com/15545529
  • performed at and co-curated the BEATABET ALLFOURS festival in London performing, including a quadrophonic improvisation to analogue visuals: https://www.facebook.com/beatabet/videos/289194053392/
  • live session for BBC Introducing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9o0cHJDB5w
  • performed special semi-acoustic session at the Union Chapel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tach7RkOF88
  • became spiritual rulers of a small African tribe
  • invented the cure for the common cold
  • were the first band in space
  • et cetera
  • et cetera