Music we like:

BUNTY (our technicolour chum):

BEEZEWAX (one of the bands of our friend Kenneth Ishak, who recorded our album):

SPEAK GALACTIC (one of our contemporaries in Brighton):

Art we like:

EVA BOWAN (artist for our album):

VERITY KENIGER (artist for the Vessels EP):

CRUSOE WESTON (guy who took photos of us and made the Vessels video and helped out on the Luma video):

ANDREW JOHN SOWERBY (the director of the Luma and The Modern Shift videos):

ALEX FORSTER (our chum who helped out on The Modern Shift video and who takes great photos and makes music too):

POPPY KAY (the wondrous lady in our videos and pictures):

BEATABET (the crazy bunch of creative people we have joined forces with):

other stuff we like:

JUNK SCIENTIST (the producer Russ Keffert who mixed some of our music and is generally a great chap):

INDIE SONICS (some lovely music publishers):

SYNC SQUIRREL (some more lovely music publishers):